WIW: Ingunn's calendar into February

Ingunn made a February calendar to humor me (because I liked her January one so much).  I'm hoping that she's using it too, and I'm not just mooching off her labor :)
Anyway, this week I took most of the calendar day challenges, and this is what I wore, in reverse order due to the pictures loading that way:

#1 skirted leggings I made these myself (just cut a black tee shirt and sewed it to fleece-lined leggings) so that I could have the width and length of skirt I wanted.  I followed Angie's ensemble by wearing it with a plaid shirt and leather jacket.  I've been wanting to try these tall boots with my new Birkenstock insoles, and this outfit seemed like a suitable time to do so.  They were comfy for 4-5 hours, but not all day :(  When I stopped by my in-laws in the evening, my mother-in-law said "You work from home and you dress like that"?  I'm not sure it was a compliment :)

#2 white shirt or blue without denim It's not really a white shirt, but this white jacket was feeling lonely in my closet, and asking to be worn, so I accommodated it.  My blue-without-denim the day before (see #3) had been such a failure that I thought I should make another attempt.  I liked this version much better.  But I suspect I would have liked it even more with blue jeans....

#3 blue without denim was difficult for me - the "I wear jeans almost every day" girl.  I tried going for a column of blue, with a lighter blue top, but felt smurfy.  So I put on a pull-over that I thought would compliment the brightness of the cobalt cords.  I felt garishly bright.  Putting my gray sweater over it made it warm and wearable.  But the only reason I wore it all day was because I was too lazy and busy to change.  The next day was a bit more successful (see #2).

#4 stripes I usually wear this tee shirt as pajamas, but thought that a "stripes" day would be a good time to wear it "for real".  And I ended up really liking the outfit.  This will probably get repeated.

Today I wore Angie's ensemble from this morning, so that'll get a different thread.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions for improvement!

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  • Joy replied 7 years ago

    I forgot about the February ideas, but I think you had a great week. My favorite is #4 with the striped shirt. It came together really well. I also like #1 & 2. It would be interesting to know what your MIL meant. Maybe she thought that you looked dressed up for working from home. Did you try tucking or semitucking the shirt? The second outfit looks fab. Love the cobalt on you.

  • Elizabeth P replied 7 years ago

    So, where is this February calendar? Did she post it? Can you share if not? I had a lot of fun using January's as inspiration, I'd live to see.

    I like all your outfits here Amy. Can't pick a fav! I can see that #3 might be bright for you, but I still think it works. Love your homemade skirted leggings, how inventive!

    Nicely done.

  • amiable replied 7 years ago

    Here's the link Elizabeth, she posted it in the comments of Week 3 in January.
    I'll paste it up in my post too.

  • Elizabeth P replied 7 years ago

    Thank you!

  • rachylou replied 7 years ago

    These are really really great. So happy!

    Also, those skirted leggings are perfect... I think Suz needs these... and you have a new business opportunity, hehe.

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    SO ADORABLE in #2 and #3. I love your longer hair with those hats. And #4 is very hip and UWP. Nicely done, Amy. 

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