WIW: Orphan challenge day 2

My second orphan (actually a couple of them) is a real basic, and I'm looking forward to wearing it lots.  It's a black sweater, with a cowl neck and a silver thread.  It's just a bit heavier than light-weight, but not really heavy, and I like the way it fits.  I think it'll be one of those things that is basic enough to go with everything.  The danger is that it's boring...

I tried, and most of my jackets will fit over it (though some interfere with the collar).  I think I haven't worn this yet because it looks really bulky in my drawer, and I've been worried that it would just be dark, heavy, and un-layerable.  

But I think it works anyway, and I'm looking keeping it.

Just for fun, here it is with yesterday's lumberjack vest, and an assortment of other toppers (red vest, and olive utility jacket).  I'm wearing it as in #1 so far.

These teal snake-print jeans are also in danger of orphaning - I wore them lots last winter, but this is their first outing this season.  I think I still like them.

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  • Joy replied 10 years ago

    The sweater looks like a great layering piece for the winter. The bit of silver thread should keep it from being boring. I like all your stylings here.

  • Glory replied 10 years ago

    Sorry Amy - not going to support filling any bags with these lovelies. I like the sweater and the pants on you. I say keep. I like 1 the best but I am a simple gal :)

  • amiable replied 10 years ago

    Yeah Glory - me too.  

    And I'm planning some difficult-to-style pieces for next week - going through right now trying to decide whether to even try keeping them.  And so far my kids and I have already filled ten bags (most of them big!) of random things to donate - we're on a roll!

  • Glory replied 10 years ago

    Amy my vote is to try them - that way if they get purged, somehow one feels even more victorious about it. I haven't started because I decided to make marmalade  today :) lol.

  • Neel replied 10 years ago

    I like the sweater and the pants!  I understand this color of pants are a bit difficult to style (It looks more slate blue in the pic).  But the fit seems to be perfect!  You could also try the pants with white, cream, beige (other lighter shades of brown) toppers and darker brown accessories and boots.

  • Parsley replied 10 years ago

    Gosh, that sweater is way too nice and versatile to be an orphan!
    It should go with just about everything! I think it looks nice with the pants here, and it would like nice with just about any bright color of skinnies, or a pencil skirt, well, you name it!

  • amiable replied 10 years ago

    I'm realizing that it's really too early in the season to go calling things orphans.  Oh well - they are as yet unworn this season.  So at least I'm remedying that, right?  :)

  • shedev replied 10 years ago

    I like the sweater with the semi tuck in #1. I like the jeans too.

  • Ornella replied 10 years ago

    There are no boring clothes, there is only boring way of wearing the clothes ;-) To begin with, teal jeans and/or semi tuck with fun belt, and you have a lot mileage in this sweater. Wear and enjoy.

  • replied 10 years ago

    I like the sweater on you and think it absolutely fabulous in #1 on it's own.  I think it has enough drama to stand alone with the cowl neck and (though I can't see it in pics) silver thread.  I don't see anything boring by keeping it simple and then pairing with the subtle print jean is perfect. 

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