Console me: I spent money

I made the primary blunder of waiting until the last minute to decide that I really needed to consider actually comfortable shoes for the next few days of 16-hours-per-day on my feet.  So 20 minutes before the store closed, I showed up, obviously stressed and desperate and begged them to sell me something that was professional, went well with black pants, and that I could walk in for 16 hours.

Of course they complied, and charged me an appropriately insane amount (about $150, including special insoles and extra arch supports and toe lifting thinga-ma-bobbers).  They're Taos three-steps.

So.  Hold my hand and console me.

I could have gotten them quite a lot cheaper online.  But I need them tomorrow.  

Should I return them and let my feet kill me for the three days?  Will I live through spending this much on a single article of clothing?  

On the upside, it was one of my style goals for the year to spend real money on something.  I just thought it would come with more consideration.

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  • AJ replied 7 years ago
    Comfortable, quality shoes are always an investment.  You'll probably be so glad you have them at the convention.  Let's do the math, shall we?  For 3 days you'll likely be on your feet for 10 hours a day, so that's 30 hours.  $150 divided by 30 is only $5 per hour.  That sounds good to me to have happy feet. 

    Have you played with it to see if it looks good with pencil skirts and your other pants?

  • Tina replied 7 years ago

    There, there. You absolutely did the right thing. You only have one pair of feet and you need to take good care of them. These shoes are really cute and I bet you will wear them to death. These will look great with all types of pants, which you are the queen of, btw. Enjoy these shoes and don't look back.

  • Firecracker replied 7 years ago
    If you like the shoes enough that you really wish you didn't have to take them off to go to bed, you probably will not regret spending the money on them.
    AJ's calculations are also great!
    I agree that you can't beat having comfortable feet, especially if you're going to be up in front of people, speaking, and trying to appear more calm and collected than you may feel.
    If you walk up to the podium knowing that you have on a rockin' pair of shoes and you feel like you're walking on clouds, that's worth $150.
    It's hard to have confidence in a purchase that you feel pressure to make, though. You might give yourself leeway to return them (don't wear them outside until you're sure you want to keep them). You could take them on the trip and decide once you get there whether you want to wear them.

  • Lantana replied 7 years ago

    Aimiable, grit your teeth and keep those shoes.
    You'll make plenty of savings down the line.

  • rae replied 7 years ago
    If they are truly comfy, then keep and don't look back. If they're "comfort" shoes you bought in panic that don't feel heavenly, maybe you can bear one day while you put in a next day order through Zappos or Amazon for something that fits your needs better.
  • Lyn D. replied 7 years ago
    Don't berate yourself if they are truly an item you need and the quality and fit are right.
    Buying in store is always better for correct fit- once you know your size you can always buy on-line next time.
  • replied 7 years ago

    Speaking as someone who absolutely wrecked their feet once wearing the wrong shoes, it's only money and if your feet are on fire you can't concentrate on the conference and what you need to accomplish there!

  • krishnidoux replied 7 years ago
    The price you mention sounds right in the norm, here in Canada anyway, for a decent 16hr shoe. I have found nothing under this fills the task. 
    Don't let your feet suffer! You did well to seek out for something wearable for the next few days. 
  • amiable replied 7 years ago
    Thanks all!  When I calculated out how long it will take me to pay for the pair of shoes (not very long), I feel silly to stress over the price.  I mostly just wonder if they're honestly perfect (My feet were already sore when I tried them on, so while they felt good, they didn't feel perfect - I simply couldn't tell, because my feet hurt no matter what).  They do fit well, and support my feet better than anything that I've ever worn....  So I'll give them a try, and stop obsessing over whether I should have borrowed a pair of Birkenstock's from my mother to wear instead.

    Thanks for the reminder that it's only money, and feet are worth that.  So true.
  • replied 7 years ago
    I think I have some of the same inner struggles as you do about money amiable. Those shoes are filling a real need (it's not like you bought stilettos that you will never wear for an imaginary life). You were able to get exactly what you needed on the spot with the help of an expert S/A and that is worth paying for. If you love the shoes and wear them out, eventually, you can buy your next pair online. But until then, wear and enjoy in good health. Don't torture yourself by even looking online right now! If you do a little dollar cost averaging, it all works out since you've spent so little cash on clothing. :) 
  • replied 7 years ago
    Yes your feet are worth it. You'll be glad you got them by the end of tomorrow.
  • Niefern replied 7 years ago
    I love your shoes, and if they are truly confortable, you have a gem!
  • missvee replied 7 years ago

    Comfort is king where shoes are concerned so the money is well spent. It's too bad you didn't have time to compare a few pairs but let's face it, you have a very busy life and sometimes you just have to do the best you can. Don't beat yourself up over it.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago
    What AJ said.
  • velvetychocolate replied 7 years ago
    Don't feel bad - you really need the shoes, and you need them NOW, not in three weeks from now.

    Not sure if it helps, but I ended up paying full-price for some comfortable shoes while on vacation in Europe because none of the shoes I'd brought with me were quite comfortable enough for all day walking around the various cities I'd be visiting. I was helped in this nice little shoe boutique to find something very comfortable, and I don't think I even asked the price. I just handed over the $ (at least $150 or more) and put the shoes on right away.

    If I hadn't done this, I'm sure my vacation would have been ruined by sore feet.

    Meanwhile, sometimes there just isn't the time to do a whole bunch of research on something, search for the best price and so on. I think it's smart to just get in there, get what you need, when you need it.
  • Suz replied 7 years ago
    What AJ said and what Firecracker said. It's important to feel comfortable and this is not an excessive amount at all (at least by Canadian standards). I'm with Krish - that's what decent shoes cost, and if you pay less, your feet will hurt for sure. Good luck at the conference! 
  • replied 7 years ago
    *pat, pat, pat*

    It will all be okay!  
  • Niefern replied 7 years ago
    However, I will say that the most expensive shoes I have ever bought -150 euros, a hefty sum from my point of view- are also the least confortable shoes I have.
  • Rambling Ann replied 7 years ago
    How much could you have saved, really, buying on-line? $30-40? That's not a bad procrastination penalty for the price of instant gratification and service from a real human who has a box in your size. They are better than anything you have and wicked cute. If they don't work, have something else shipped to the hotel concierge. You can't do this in Keds.
  • rachylou replied 7 years ago
    They're cute. As long as they are still comfortable the day after buying them in a rush, keep 'em, I say! Foot pain is not good. It only ever travels up to the knees and back and so forth...
  • Sara L. replied 7 years ago
    I think they're cute and hopefully they will end up being super comfy.  If you really don't like them (not considering the price) then I might suggest taking them back.  If you like them and think you will get loads of use out of them, then I think the price was worth it.
  • Thistle replied 7 years ago
    So, $150 seems in the normal price range for a pair of good quality comfort shoes. Clarks are sometimes less, but they are not a 16 hour shoe!

    I will also echo AJ.  Think about cost per hour, just for the convention, and then how long you will keep and wear them afterwards. 

    If they are truly comfortable for 16 hours, it was $150 very well spent!
  • amiable replied 7 years ago
    So far, I wore them for about 5 hours this morning, and they were comfortable.  Not super-dreamy-comfy, but supportive enough that my feet hurt much less after wearing them for 5 hours than before wearing them.  So I think I have a chance that this will end up a good purchase.... I changed out of them to go outside - I'm not quite ready to commit to them outside yet, even though I'm effectively locked in at this point :)
  • anne replied 7 years ago
    I can hardly believe it, I popped in the local shoe store in regional western australia, and I saw your shoes!! Could hardly believe it when I had just read your post about them. Anyway, I am with the others - so long as they are comfy, they are worth the price. (I pay over $200 for my comfortable shoes from Ziera, and I would only get them B & M. And I am otherwise pretty much on the thrifty side of the YLF budget spectrum!)
  • Sarah A replied 7 years ago
    I drop real money for shoes (I figure $100 is the ENTRY point on most of my shoes) and am quite a thrifty gal on pretty much everything else ... Good shoes are a health requirement not just a fashion accessory IMO and a lot less expensive than podiatrist and physical therapist visits.
  • Ginkgo replied 7 years ago
    I bought Taos shoes a year ago as my primary shoes for my casual jeans-wearing life and have been extremely happy with them, and liked them even more after the first month of wearing them.

    Agree with what others have said, you did not have the time to fiddle around with receiving and returning shoes from Zappos, there's nothing like seeing the shoes in real life and trying them on.  If these seem fine, wear them outside and be happy, and cut spending in some other area so you feel better about this expenditure.

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